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Guidelines To Help You Select The Best Secondary School For Your Child

When it comes to the education of children, parents really have a troublesome time while taking a decision regarding their school. Irrespective of living in a countryside where you have fewer options or an urban area, where the options are many, making the right decision is always difficult. There are certain institutions like All Saints College which offer an excellent education.

You need not make haste decisions as your decision is going to have a lasting impact on your child’s education and his life as a whole. According to the experts at education.gov.gy, a lot of factors are to be considered before selecting your child’s school.

The usual trend is that the parents go to schools in their locality and collect their brochures, sometimes go through their websites and select one which appeals the most. Is this the right way? How will you make sure that the school suits your child’s needs? You have to go deeper to get the best.

The shiny brochures, attractive websites, huge advertisements, etc. reflect their marketing skills and have actually very less to do with their quality. So, how to look for the genuine quality, here is some help.

Don’t rely much on Ofsted reports
These reports are usually far from the truth. So don’t fully believe them especially if they are more than a week old. Ofsted rating is purely based on the prior achievement of the students which is not the exact measure to rate a school.

League tables offer better help
League tables give a lot of headline figures. Initially, these figures were not very true as they were highly influenced by politicians. But the condition has improved recently. Now they give an idea about how children of different abilities perform. Look at the new values added and expected progress values year after year to know how well a school is doing.

Ask other parents
Parents of the students in a school are the most genuine sources of information about that particular school. Try to meet and talk with as many parents as possible. If none of them have many complaints about the school, then most probably it is good.

Visit the school and classrooms
Visiting the school has many benefits. Don’t just listen to the patterned speech of the school head Instead, visit the corridors and classrooms. Talk with students if possible as they will be honest. A school letting you talk freely with students in itself is a good sign. Speak to all the teachers as well. Remember that your child is going to spend most of his time with the teachers and not the school head.

Final note-Keep calm!
After considering these points, you may have a list of schools in your order of preference. Don’t be convinced that the options at the bottom are awful. It is not the case. Very few schools are really substandard. The majority of them offer your child every chance to be successful. So don’t overreact if your child does not manage to get admission to the top on the list, he can still be happy and fulfilled.

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