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Tips Of How To Shovel Snow

Shoveling snow is an activity that you cannot avoid, especially if you are living in a place where it is familiar to snow. In such cases, it is recommended that even the smallest amount of it has to be removed so that it does not refreeze and cause you to slip.When your driveway and walkways are covered by snow, it’s time to bring the top snow blower or even your shovel out as a snow blower has some disadvantages.Refer www.streetdirectory.com/travel_guide/32191/home_improvement/advantages_of_snow_blower.html to know more.
Below are a few tips to complete this tedious job in less time:

Preparing for shoveling: In any activity, safety is a top priority, and next comes comfort followed by efficiency. To prevent any injury to your muscles, stretch it before you begin the task. The gear you wear for this job should be comfortable as well as warm. Ensure that you take breaks so that you do not tire yourself out and lead to injuries. Also, make sure that your shovel is in good shape. You should wax it so that the snow does not stick to it. You can use a candle or a floor wax on your shovel.

Shoveling technique: Always follow proper technique to prevent any injuries during and after the task is completed. Keep your knees soft and bent and lifted the shovel with your legs, the blade of the shovel is to be placed close to your body else your back can get strained. Try to use both your hands so that you do not strain only one side of your body. The grip should also be alternated from palm over to palm under. A quick check on the amount of snow accumulated will help you gauge how to clean it. If it has snowed all day, then the chances are that it will be heavy and hence you should not attempt to clear it from the ground in a single shot, you should start from the top scraping through till the bottom. That ensures that you do not heavy lift the snow and injure your back.
If your car is in the driveway and is covered with snow, you should clear the way to the driver’s door first. Once that is done, you should get into the car and start the defroster so that the windows are cleared of snow and cleaning becomes easy.

Shovel the shrubs: Snow will also be accumulated on plants and shrubs, their branches can snap and break. To prevent the branches from breaking and injuring you in the process, you should first remove any snow on it. Also, do not toss the snow that is near the road towards the plants as they can contain road salt.

Snow can not only risky to you but also to others and hence as an owner of that property it is your responsibility to clear it. You should treat your walkway with anti-icing product that can help in removal of ice and snow quickly. Stock up on ice melt as they sell out fast during winters and can store ice melts in airtight containers.

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